Dr. Steve Marshall



"Here we go again..."

The symptoms are often frustratingly clear; a feeling of 'stuckness', inaction, conversations that go round and round.....  habitual arguments and routines that lead us to personal or organisational dead-ends,  hamper our intentions, limit our effectiveness and suck the life from the visions we hold for change, better effectiveness or contribution.

How can we 'see differently' and find ways of working and thinking together that avoids the traps of our 'normal' exchanges? 

Whether I am coaching individuals, working with teams or developing organisations, I catalyse space for creativity and shift.

My client list includes a range of organisations and institutions,  in research and academia tackling some of the difficult, complex, intertwined problems that we face.

Imagery, vision, dialogue and conversational intervention enables us to take a different view, to bring into focus the complexity we experience in our fast-shifting, dynamic world, and to develop the relational quality and resilience needed to work effectively together.

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Doctoral Magic

A short film about what it is to work without the answers in a doctorate in organisational change.


Images from the social experiment framed as a conference into un-knowing.

Bold Explorations  

A curated gallery of images appearing in the book, "Organisational Development: A bold explorer's guide." 

The Designers   

An 'organisational reportage' project catalysing 'creative moments' and developing the organisational dynamics that underpin great design and rapid product development.

The Printers   

Developing a deeper sense of engagement and teamworking between 'production' staff and 'front office' functions.

The Academics  

What does it take for groups to stand up for their core beliefs? A visual workshop discovering the nature of courage in organisations.

Sawu Bona! 

How do we genuinely 'see' each other and release the potential of vibrant, diverse, exciting teams?