Dr. Steve Marshall

Doctoral magic



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I’ve been a part of the doctoral program at Ashridge since it’s introduction in 2007. I completed my own doctorate in 2011 and then joined the faculty, later becoming academic director of the program. Today, as I return to a faculty supervisory role, working with participants and experimenting with artful, visual methods, I continue to spread the message about a remarkable challenge for participants and faculty alike.

The essence of the program is hard to name. We all feel it but finding a label seems inappropriate, especially if it were to be described conventional academic terms. When asked to contribute to an Ashridge conference on ‘Innovative Pedagogy’, I knew we had something to say but it was also something that a Powerpoint-based ‘conference’ presentation would never be able to express.

So, as an alternative, I made a short film to inquire into what it is to work with ‘Doctoral Magic…

(Turn the lights down, select full screen and offer high quality attention.)

A doctorate worth doing…