Simple Inspiration

Something inspirational and visionary for our festive season?  On my bookshelf is a ten-year old copy of 'Visions of Ethical Business' by Financial Times Management.  Even now it's still good stuff with much though provoking material for business leaders. Following an article by Mary Robinson on Human Rights, there is a simple list by Cleo McIntosh:

The good things and bad things in the world: The good things; trees, animals, clean water, mud, flowers,sun, sky. wind, rain, kindness, fields, grass, friendship. The bad things; crisp packets, sweet papers, plastic bags, diseases, getting killed, doing wrong, polluting the atmosphere, being unkind to people, dirty water, having no money, going to prison.

I don't know Cleo McIntosh except that she was 8 years old when she compiled her visionary list.

Steve MarshallComment