Images of a group

Before last week's workshop we asked participants to send images that reflected their experience of the group.

Here are a couple of the responses:





The group as an old guy watching life pass him by?  The group as an overdressed dog?  These are fascinating images that offer us amazing metaphors of life in this particular group.  As I sat with the participants, looking up occasionally at the enlarged images, my feeling was one of egalitarianism. Everyone's experience of the group and what it was like to take part in it slowly became available to each us  - and each view held it's own ground.  The differences in power between individuals and the way the air-time was habitually usually carved up seemed significantly different.  I'd like to say that something shifted.

Each participant had written a short text to go with their chosen images and one by one they stood by their pictures and spoke their words.  

The experience was delightful - so good we did it twice!

Steve MarshallComment