Looking for Clues

I spoke with Jennifer Rosenzweig last week at Ashridge where she said she had been 'looking at the news for clues.' She has been carefully studying the TV news and is curious to know whether our current global crisis will suddenly 'snap back' to normality or whether something genuinely new is on the horizon.

Last year I worked Jennifer delivering a workshop on 'courage'. We combined her excellent facilitation with my photo-impro portraits to produce a gallery of images and held the dialogue among them. At that stage, Jennifer was pushing against the walls as she started her own organisation consulting practice.

Meanwhile, Larry Elliot's recent article in The Guardian provides interesting news of a new book by Richard Bronk. It seems that Bronk claims that the mechanistic approach to economics has failed and that we should embrace creativity as we craft our response

Elliot writes: 'Bronk's book is about the lessons economists can learn from the Romantic movement, from Wordsworth's poetry and the philosophy of Nietzsche. We all have passions, paranoias, dreams and delusions, he says, and these shape our future. "In many cases, economic activity is as much a function of creativity, imagination and sentiment as is the act of writing a poem or painting a picture."'

I've just added Bronk to my Amazon wishlist...

Steve MarshallComment