It's a fix!

Most days the the chaos at our place extends past the 7pm start of the show, but my 'news programme of choice' tends to be the Channel 4 offer. OK, it's not perfect but it's not quite as superficial as some of the other light 'edutainment' shows that pass for news elsewhere.

But I've been amused (confused..) by the C4 imagery around the economic recovery. I don't think that THE BIG FIX is meant to be ironic but every time I see it I think 'isn't that what all the protests are about...?'

I  also interpret the image as a hope for a restoration of the old ways. Not much sign yet of Jennifer Rosenzweig's (24 March) clues that we might do something different.  

PS.  Aha! This morning the graphic has morphed into a teaser for the G20 - could it just be an an April Fool's joke....?

PPS.  Nope, it's back again tonight!

Steve MarshallComment