It's never ready

We seem to think that creativity is about delivery.

And as long as it’s about delivery, we can find excuses. It’s not perfect yet. I need to define my niche more closely. I don’t have the right client. I need to make a few more final adjustments.

Charles Bukowski tells us to stop making excuses; 'it’s not about ‘air and light and time and space’ (baby).  Seth Godin tells us to have the courage to ‘ship’, to get something out of the door, ready or not.  Of course, work and discipline are all important.

But, as we move from the framing of business as transaction and towards a more relational perspective, our clients want us to be alongside them, to have some skin in their game.

When they ‘buy’ creativity, they don’t need a polished ‘product.’ They want to experience us as we take the first step together into vulnerability.

Creativity is about learning. Together.