If you look carefully, you can see it happening...



Those moments when the world shifts in front of us?

We do it to each other.

As we connect and create together. 

I've always thought we can see creativity happening;  a shift of focus, a glance, a smile of recognition, the flickering instant an expression belies deeper process. Here are a few images made at Ashridge when @Stevexoh and @CarynVanstone took to the floor and facilitated the kind of encounters that help our minds 'see' differently.  

These are moments that can't be taught, it's not about adding information or data.  It's all about finding the courage to step into a place of 'not-knowing', to support and care for each other as we change together. 

As the group closed, one of the participants acknowledged their work:   "I will remember each one of you for the different moments of learning you gave me."

And that's the best kind of parting gift.



See more of Steve Chapman's work at Can Scorpions Smoke.

Caryn Vanstone is a partner at Lacerta Consulting.

With thanks to the faculty and participants in the Ashridge Masters in Organisational Change for giving the world 20 years of insight and creativity.

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