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Standing tall in hard times

In my coaching practice, I encourage leaders and executives to express their concerns and ambitions is a variety of ways so that we can access some of the intuitive, embodied experience and knowing that they have gathered throughout their careers. Over the years, I particularly remember the sketches and stories of seriously embattled, isolated individuals sometimes literally shown on barricades, with brickbats and arrows flying around them. 

Maybe it's a sign of the times but these conversations seem to be returning.

Leadership can be an enviable position for some. But we tend to project our hopes and fears onto our leaders; idealising or demonising them depending not only on how we negotiate our relationship with them as individuals but also within the context of all the other references to power and authority that we hold.

Each of us will have a different story but, for me, this sunflower, standing tall above the surrounding crop evoked some of loneliness and vulnerability often goes hand in hand with the rewards of leadership.  

Whether we are institutional leaders, entrepreneurs or freelancers, we love to turn our heads to the light but also need to be resourceful as storm clouds gather.

Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way and, even in these harder times, I'm grateful for those who, in spite of brickbats and arrows, still feel the same.