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So many images in the world

Its been a while since the Damien Hirst announced in the New York Times that: 'There are so many images in the world. An artist really doesn't need to create any more.'

Bad news Damien, photo sharers Flickr just blogged (4 Dec) that they are seeing a massive increase in the number of mobile devices used on their site: 'It’s rapidly becoming the norm for our members to use a camera phone to share their immediate world with others, and a mobile browser to keep track of friends and family.' 


Well at least technology won't be a problem. The December issue of Professional Photographer is carrying an article extolling the virtues of using toy cameras to produce fine art and now, for 50 bucks, you can catch 'em young as you buy a waterproof/shockproof Fisher Price 'Kid Tough' digital camera for the kids.

I want one...