Dr. Steve Marshall

The Designers


The Designers

Creativity is not the kind of critical process that is easily discussed and is even more difficult to fix.

Yet organisations that deeply understand their creative processes can ensure that the conditions that support innovation and change are sensitively nurtured and encouraged.

This project, labelled 'organisational reportage' by the client, visually researched catalytic 'moments of creativity.' The work took place on two European sites and blended reportage photography with appreciative inquiry to enable the client to understand how organisational relationships, formal and informal structures, work routines and conversations influenced the ability of energetic, talented designer teams to develop the kind of amazing products that can shift a global market. 

Photography and dialogue progressed hand-in-hand as images were produced which stimulated deep, reflective inquiry into the organisational dynamics that underpinned great design and rapid product development. Emerging themes were rigorously and repeatedly tested as the conversations were developed from informal, ad-hoc interactions to more deliberative, structured meetings and interviews supported by custom-made cards and artefacts as stimulating visual prompts. 

The intervention was concluded with gallery exhibitions of imagery where the design teams gathered to celebrate their work and explore the potential of newly developed relationships, collaborations and creative discoveries.