Dr. Steve Marshall

the teams



the Teams


How do we genuinely 'see' each other and release the potential of vibrant, diverse, exciting teams?

Sawubona: I see you.
— Zulu greeting

The requirement for each of us to be 'seen' if we are to work effectively in teams or organisations is acknowledged by the Zulu greeting "Sawubona" (I see you) and its response "Ngikhona" (I am here.)

Most organisational groups and teams start their work with defined outputs and specified accountabilities and ignore the process of joining and connecting that is vital for group coherence.  To promote success, it is essential for teams to establish identity and relationship so that trust and spontaneity can become part of their everyday working relationships.  Only then can we set the conditions that enable the capacity for meaningful creativity and breakthrough. 

These images are a compilation from a variety of projects that provided the basis for personal and group inquiry, away-days, gallery exhibitions, team-building interventions, and the opportunity to work with identity in a creative, expressive way.

However the images were finally deployed, the ultimate statement was simply one of inclusion and presence, enabling each individual to reflect on their unique value and contribution.

I am here.
— Participant comment