we are all visual now.


We struggle to communicate above a background of compelling, noisy, captivating imagery.  The average teen has watched more than 20,000 hours of TV before he or she graduates from school. Viewers of photo-sharing website Flickr have uploaded more than 3 billion photos, Facebook has 4 billion photos. YouTube now receives over 5 billion views each month and its videos are streamed to desktops and mobile handsets across the globe.

Against this dynamic, changing environment, the idea of a corporate ‘vision’ statement languishing in a filing cabinet while people go uninterrupted about their daily work, is absurd.


Text is a poor tool for encompassing the complexity and subtlety of modern organisations. Procedures are out of date before they have been published and written descriptions cannot offer sufficient clarity (try a written description of how to tie a simple knot).


We live in a visual world.

Our news, information and entertainment is delivered by visual media; illustrated magazines and papers, television, internet sites with streaming video join with a plethora of ‘play-it-later’ technologies.

Shifting from language to visual has clear advantages; Gartner Group analyst Lou Latham says:

"Organisations who can add visual interaction to their communication have better comprehension, a higher level of trust, and more accountability among their employees."

We know that ‘vision’ requires more than a tired verbal mantra. Visual literacy begins with developing a personal vision and then enables others to build and share their visions.

Everyone sees things differently but when the shared vision becomes our vision people begin to excel and learn, developing genuine commitment and exceptional effectiveness.

I will help you establish a shared and recognised vision of organisational value and success. Rather than producing another 'doorstop' or a change report to be left in the bottom of a filing cabinet, I will enable you to imagine (and image) new futures in a way that engages you and your team emotionally, aesthetically and passionately in the success of your organization.