Dr. Steve Marshall

Dr Steve Marshall


Seeing Differently


Hi, I'm Steve Marshall

What if we could see a different world?

I've been working with image, picture and vision for some time now.  

 I'm an academic, photographer, organisation consultant and executive coach heading up a 70+ strong doctoral action research group at Ashridge.

My website is a place for leaders, coaches, consultants, strategists, freelancers, solo-preneurs, change agents, shifters, entrepreneurs, innovators, provocateurs and dreamers to share in an ongoing inquiry into how we can find new visions of the future by seeing differently...


...a collision of art, image, vision, identity and change...

......he finds a way to show people as he sees them, in all their beauty and humanity.  His pictures are potent because he gives us an image of ourselves not normally available to us."  

(John Higgins, co-editor, The Change Doctors)


Some of the BIG questions...


images and words for new visions of work and life

 The patterns are plain to see: we need something more than 'profit and growth' but we can't justify or articulate the alternative; we all know that we need to 'engage our people' if we are to inspire and lead, yet only one-in-eight of us are committed to our jobs; we know that 'sustainability' is critical to our survival but our efforts are inadequate and we continue to waste and pollute; everyone is saying that our organizations should be more entrepreneurial and embrace change, yet we tie our risk takers up in red tape.

  Conventional, hierarchically organized businesses and institutions are struggling to make a positive contribution to a world that is struggling with change.

We seem to 'know' far more than we can actually 'do'.

How do we cultivate creativity and insight in a way that means we can trust our selves to think and see differently?

We can feel in our bones that there are better futures out there...

Dr. Steve Marshall

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"I dream of visionaries in every village" ~ Laura Sewall