Change the world or go home

I've been a great fan of Hugh McLeod's Gaping Void website.  Hugh draws cartoons and creates Blue Monsters for a living.  He describes blue monsters as the 'What for' in business; not the conventional 'mission and values stuff.' It's the stuff 'that men in suits tend to get embarrassed about because it's personal. But it's the stuff that makes the difference between success and failure, because this kind of stuff brings folk together in all aspects of human life.'

Hugh says, 'I've been asking myself for years, what comes after conventional, Madison-Avenue-style advertising, now that we live in a post-TV, post-advertising, post-message world?'  Yet there is no assumption here that any of these advertising images will disappear, instead there will be an even greater proliferation of images and a fragmenting of the image culture.

A reader asks:  'What happens to a society when there is no longer one common campfire for everybody? Does this actually matter?'

Actually it does.  We will need to light our own campfires and image (imagine) our own culture.  No one is saying this will be easy but images are the currency of change whether we like it or not.  And Hugh's method of minimal but sharply disturbing pictures and words quickly gets to the heart of what's needed.  It's the stuff that makes a difference.