The Final Edge

Aaahh.. there he is, the lone artist photographer, working away on the cliff top.

I saw this guy as I wandered around the 'Edges.' When the light finally faded we stood together and began to chat about the location and watched the surfers who were still out there... I'm not sure that he was so impressed when I told him I had been photographing him, but having him there lifted the image and gave it a bit of narrative...

The next morning I was up at dawn, got all my photo-kit in the boot of the car and... erm...couldn't get it open again.  And my car doesn't have a key - just one of those radio fob things...  So I accosted a guy who was cooking his breakfast on a campsite - but the car (same as mine) in front of his tent wasn't his... and so we woke up his friend who was kind enough to help me out and rescue the kit. What a great guy...  

Anyway, that's a long introduction to this, the Final Edge. Ok, so I'm loathe to say words like 'final' on Photo-Dialogue but it will be the last for a while.

I'm not sure what it is about these images but I've really enjoyed completely 'ruining' the colour balance and anything else that might represent reality as I have played and post-processed.  I like them, they show a different reality; how it felt when I remembered the sensation of working among these rocks and waves each morning. It's a very different image compared to how it looked but no less valid or true as a result.

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