The 100 best..

Ah, well... I see that 'Glimpses' didn't make the Sunday Times list of 'The 100 best blogs'.  I'm not sure that I would recommend trawling through the full list (you might inadvertently stumble upon Paul Daniels though Richard Madeley (?) is hysterical) but I did take a close look at the curiously titled 'Visual aids' section. Have a look at  The ST says: 'Sometimes his hectic itinerary is a thing to marvel at in itself. And the photos are lovely.'

True, they are.  Always well lit and beautifully composed but what strikes me is that Jez sees images everywhere and his camera must be surgically attached.  Strange penchant for taxis though...

And.. following on from Ian Sanders' comment below on 'Going forwards', do check out his blog.  His 'Juggle takeaway' begins by focussing on the discipline required to live a juggle life and urges us to be conscious of the value we are creating.  It's a good reminder and I'm looking forward to more.

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