A great day out yesterday at Surrey University with inVisio, an ESRC funded group which brings researchers, practitioners and artists exploring the visual dimensions of business life.

 The seminar, ‘Seeing is believing?’ Truth and representation in organizational images’ included a good mix of presentations with subjects like photography and tourism, the horrors of copyright/ethics - I try not to infringe copyright on this blog but after listening to Jon Prosser I'm convinced I break the law all the time... it's a total minefield.

 In the afternoon there was a demonstration of work by Julian Burton from the excellent Delta7 who turn facilitate change dialogues by using beautiful cartoon style images.  And... following up on Jon Prosser's chat, I see on their website that they've even trademarked 'Visual Dialogue'!  Nice one...!   There is a massive elephant in the visual room here:




 Image by Julian Burton (Delta7)

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