Thinking of fatherhood

For almost half of the population, one of the biggest leadership challenges available to us is fatherhood. Here is my 'Ghost Dad' post on the subject.

I've recently been privileged to be in conversation with top-communicator Robert Digings who is about to become a father.  Robert told me that 'a few well spoken words, delivered at the right time, have the capacity to change lives.' Knowing Robert as I do, I realise that the selfless integrity, gentle honesty and disciplined skill he might use to deliver 'well spoken words' belies the simplicity of his philosophy.

And I wonder how visual images compare with the capability of words to change lives?

I asked Robert to visually improvise around the theme of fatherhood.  Actually his wife, Alison, took some photographs of Robert and his father playing on some swings:

I hope that this simple montage captures the fun and care of Alison's pictures. Perhaps the most interesting element for me is the hands (they belong to Robert's father); are they supporting or pushing?

And that feels like a critical question for fathers (and leaders...) which seems like it would, indeed, have the capacity to change lives.