Visual Leadership

Yesterday, I began my first Sustainability Leadership seminar at Lincoln University by using CCL's Visual Explorer card packs. Here is one of the images that was chosen in response to the question:

'What are our strengths as we face this (sustainability) challenge?'

I had been slightly nervous about convening a dialogue with participants who were not native English speakers but, as she described the sustainability challenge, the 'holder' of this card spoke eloquently about the need for teamwork and strategic alignment.

Then I asked her about the detail of the image and her 'felt' sense of what was shown. With a smile my participant began to speak of connection, emotion, authentic relationships and simply being close to nature, the animals, the beach...

As the card changed from being an 'expression of the answer' to a 'point of inquiry', the shift was really dramatic.... and so rather than bringing conventional logic/rationality and 'business speak' to the dialogue the image prompted a different, more helpful, conversation about 'felt/sensed' knowing.

Sustainability Leadership goes Visual..!