Nothing ever turns out as planned... ever!

Gever Tulley uses some lovely photographs and video to explain 'Tinkering School', a summer camp for kids, during his fantastic new talk on Ted.

At Tinkering School kids learn by building and experimenting.  Sometimes beginning from doodles...

...and sometimes from more detailed plans...

...  but nothing ever turns out as planned. They they soon learn "that all projects go awry and become at ease with the idea that each step in a project is a step closer to sweet success or gleeful calamity."

When things go wrong or unexpected complexities emerge the kids begin to spontaneously decorate their work - and through doodling and drawing on their handiwork, find the space for the insight that 'unsticks' them!

It seems that everything, even, plastic shopping bags can be put to good use. 


 See the video here and watch out for the roller coaster footage!