Beyond Rorschach

A late's already been one of those weeks! I've been really intrigued by SEED's article on Vesna Jovanovic and her biomorphic, Rorschach styled images.

Vesna says, "Art and science are generally considered very separate today; they have different connotations, even stereotypes associated with them.  Yet I find my interest in these two fields stems from the same place: a deep curiosity about the world and he human position within it.

Vesna calls these images 'pareidolia'; a term used to describe the images we see in apparently random phenomena - faces in the grain of a piece of wood, animals in clouds etc.  This is the basis of the Rorschach test where psychologists assess a patient's mental state by asking for an interpretation of ink blots.

Vesna begins with inkblots and then draws her constructions upon them - and so here we have some kind of strange entity which might provoke questions about the nature of genetic intervention or research.

Vesna, finishes the SEED piece with the thought; "Ultimately, I find that science and art are complementary to each other and equally important in social significance and function.  Science strives to provide answers about the world while art strives to inspire questions." 

Steve MarshallComment