Searching for an image with an image...

I'm off for a few days of coaching, photography and then more photography and so thought I would leave you with a link to the amazing Tineye:

Tineye (currently in beta - you will need to sign up  for a trial) is a reverse image search engine; show it your image and it searches the web to see where the image has been used. According to the Tineye website you will be able to:

  • Find out where and how an image appears online
  • Research products using a product photo
  • Find modified versions of unmodified images or vice versa
  • Research the usage of editorial or stock images
  • Get international, multilingual websites in your search results
  • Research corporate imagery or brand usage online
  • Use a webcam to digitize any image and search for it on the web
  • Search for your images to see where they are being used

Perhaps more easily, a look through the Tineye blog shows the product in action. Have a look at the story of the 'Camstand Fakorama', the tale of a set of images used by the BNP or the City of Toronto 'Fun' Guide.

It's innovative technology, great fun and, as the site says, it helps us to 'keep it real'.

Steve MarshallComment