80 Million hours of YouTube everyday...

This statistic was dropped into Chris Anderson's TED talk.  Chris, the curator of TED, tells us how online video can accelerate innovation and the sharing of ideas.

We have watched 300 million TED talks between 2006 and 2010 but why...? Pretty much all of the information is just as easily accessible in printed media.  According to Anderson, it's the rich data available to us in the non-verbals - we see real people and react differently. But we may need to revive an old technology to get the most of video - that of people speaking to each other.

Who will be the speakers who can help us learn and innovate? All of us, according to Anderson.  He even shows us how people in an African shanty town are using Flip video cameras to post information so that we can see and learn. 

My big takeaway from this talk?  

"Change happens when we see things in a different way..."


Steve MarshallComment