The Photo-Dialogue lifestyle..

... might not be quite as glamorous as you would imagine...

I've been cranking up the miles recently and, staggering towards my hotel on the Newcastle Quayside, was too tired to get an SLR out of my back-pack so snapped this on my iPhone:

I was in Newcastle on a consulting gig and looking forward to staying in a room with a view over the river.  The hotel was perfect - right on the waterside.  

The view?

Ah well.  

Actually, I did like the massive structure of the bridge.  Of course, my iPhone snap (still too knackered to reach for a Nikon) doesn't do the majesty of the engineering much justice but as someone who spends as much time as possible in the countryside I felt a real sense of awe towards its presence.

I'm in Newcastle again tomorrow but rolling down to London for the book launch of  'I Wish I Worked There' by Kursty Groves. The workplace photos, by Edward Denison, look superb. 

Finally, I've been caught by a curiously dialogic photo on Jez Coulson's blog - the mixture of urban photographer, covered subject, religious context, indirect approach.... take a look, there's a lot going on in a deceptively straightforward street picture. 

You'll spot my comment on what I was seeing and Jez's response of "You've chilled me to the bone dude.... "

Mmmm... we're on to something, then...?