Surfacing for a spot of dialogue!

I've been working a little bit too hard lately and so my Easter message is:

'Be careful what you wish for!'

But actually, I'm loving it, lots of writing, some fascinating consulting and now a major Photo-Dialogue project is in place to begin later this month.  It's all great stuff but my blogging has been a little curtailed!

However, by way of catch up, here is a quizzical image sent to me by Jeff Charbonneau and Eliza French who I featured here on P-D and are announcing a new show in Bergamot Station Arts Centre in Santa Monica this weekend.



I also see that Tom Chambers has a freshly redesigned website.  I've been a fan of Tom's work for a while and featured him here on P-D when this image, 'Saccharine Perch', won First Place in Fine Arts during Fotoweek DC 2009 and a Gold Award in the International Aperture Awards.



Do stop by Tom's website - his new Marwari Horse series is absolutely gorgeous!

Finally, I'm going to end on a whinge....  I've been waiting for a new Nikon D3s to be delivered from an apparently reputable dealer.  I checked the camera was in stock and made my payment after being promised delivery (at the latest) within a week.  That was two weeks ago and now there will be no deliveries until after Easter.... Grrrrr... and today they are 'suffering technical difficulties' with their phones.

You bet.  

I daren't even mention what I'm wishing for now...

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