The Star Diner, NYC

I'm trying to blog as I make my way across New York City on the way to JFK.

This will surely end in tears...

I'm saying an early 'goodbye' to the 'Diner on the Edge' project - the team are still editing - and the exhibition opens at the Chelsea Arts Museum on Wednesday.

I shot this image at the Star Diner at 18th St and 10th Av Manhatten. This is Becky, who owns the place, in a moment of contemplation. I liked the Star, it's a little less frenetic than many of the places I visited, and the cappuccino was very good...

In fact the Star is leading contender for the role of the NYC office of Photo-Dialogue...:-)

[Follow-Up Note - seems like this is the one that is in the World Photography Org exhibition!]