A Personal Note

Self Portrait: Steve Marshall

It feels like it's been a slightly tough time.

I guess that sometimes life is like that.

I now realise that anyone who thinks that they can breeze through a doctorate doesn't realise the nature of the undertaking.

Creatives will know that being 'seized' by an idea for 4 years takes a toll on all areas of life; social, physical, mental, financial... But hey, it's done now (yeah, you can call me 'Doctor Photo-Dialogue' - I promise not to blush) and things are slowly getting back on track.

The part of the post-doctorate recovery that I hadn't planned for started as an intriguing little light show twinkling away in my right eye just as I was falling asleep each night.  A few days later, when I was away walking and climbing with my son, I noticed that the lower part of the vision in my eye was slowly disappearing. I resolved to go to the doctor as soon as I got home. As it happened that was not soon enough. 

Two days later I found myself in an emergency ambulance being rushed to an eye surgeon who was prepared to operate immediately to save my vision. By the time I got to him the sight in my eye had gone. Too late.

But then what followed was nothing short of amazing. I underwent surgery for a retinal detachment (if you re at all squeamish do NOT look this up on YouTube) which was followed by a 10 day period of holding my head exactly still for 50 mins in every hour. Sounds tedious? I was so sore I could barely move anyway.  Anyway, the operation is nearly six weeks away now and a full colour, slightly rippled version of sight has returned to my eye.

I am entirely grateful to the brilliant medics who did the work and looked after me so well.

Sure, it could have worked out better if I had acted more promptly. If the retina can be repaired before it completely detaches the operation has better results. Now I am having to change my 'camera eye' (how difficult is that!) because the rippling doesn't help the focus but I think I can get over that.  Driving with slightly distorted right-side vision takes care and slows me down a little but that's probably no bad thing.

We all need our eyes - visual practitioners especially.  

So, here's the advice.

If you notice ANYTHING different going on in your eyes; more 'floaters', twinkly lights, blurring, a shadow over part of your vision...

Get it fixed.