Matchstick cyclist


The lights of the London Euston Hotel on Woburn Place have a real fascination for me; I love the way they turn evening passers-by into Lowry-esque matchstick silhouettes.  I often end up pausing here as I make my way over to one of the main-line stations - in fact, I've photographed the 'walkers' here before..'

Last time I was playing around making images of cyclists, I was hanging out in NYC on the World Photo Org 'Diner' project with Jez Coulson. Yep, I was supposed to be photographing diners but, after all, there's only so much coffee a guy can drink.

Anyway, as I made my way through London on Friday night, the lights and the cyclists made for some irresistible images: blur, silhouette, matchstick people... It was all goin' on...!

Steve MarshallComment