Alone and in the Zone

20100421_0230 copy.jpg

I'm always deeply fascinated by creativity and how we can set up working environments to get more of it.

This image is part of a collection that I made to support an investigation into creativity in a leading London design studio. We used reportage photography to record moments of 'breakthrough' and then improvised an Appreciative Inquiry methodology to understand the conditions that supported inspiration and creativity.  The pictures are now part of a research project into how we can use visuals in this sort of inquiry process.

Here is S - intensely working away... This picture was repeatedly selected by the designers and became part of a themed set which they named 'Alone and in the Zone'.  

So, one of our discoveries was that although design is often seen as a very social process there needs to be time and space to get immersed... to lose yourself in the ideas and possibilities... and a great design studio needs to make sure that, even in this time of expensive office space, there are opportunities to be alone...