The Table and the Chair(s)


I like wandering through the 67 acre King's Cross development site. Amazing things are starting to take shape there.

And some very ordinary ones too.  I find myself smiling at these little vignettes on the new King's Boulevard though I've yet to see anyone taking the time to sit among the beautiful green leaves on the sandy shored pavement.

But the table and chairs look like they are having a nice time.

This picture has been on my desktop for a while. I wonder what Edward Lear would have thought?

The Table and the Chair

Said the table to the chair,

"You can scarcely be aware

How I suffer from the heat

And from blisters on my feet!

If we took a little walk

We might have a little talk.

Pray, let us take the air!"

Said the table to the chair.

Said the chair unto the table,

"Now you know we are not able!

How foolishly you talk

When you know we cannot walk!"

Said the table with a sigh,

"It can do no harm to try.

I've as many legs as you.

Why can't we walk on two?"

(Edward Lear - read more...)