7 Days; Day 2 - Spending it


On the recommendation of my friend, @DarylKing, I've been reading 'The Diamond Cutter' by Geshe Michale Roach and Lama Christie McNally. Subtitled 'The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life', the book quickly outlines three principles for business. First, that the business should be successful. Second that we should enjoy the money and, third, that the business has some meaning.

I took this picture today as I was reflecting on the second principle.  I'm not always great at taking time to enjoy success, though a few weeks ago I did manage to splash out on a new car. My faithful old machine had been around the clock and was beginning to show it's years and, while I'm not much of a car fan, I am really enjoying it's replacement. It's gorgeous, fast, powerful, smooth and makes for a relaxing experience at the end of the day. It's also very black.

But, of course, the shadow side of my motoring investment is that I feel compelled to clean and look after it in a way that wouldn't have concerned me before.  (This morning I was car washing outside P-D Towers...)

I'm learning that we all have to suffer for beauty ;-)

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