The places that we go


There's a maxim that I hold to in my consulting work which states simply that you shouldn't expect your clients to go places where you haven't been yourself.

Of course, it's also impossible for me to have genuinely been through precisely what my clients might experience. Most of my 'stuff' is about how we work with our identity and competence in the face of 'not knowing' how impossibly complex futures and strategies might unfold.... We go there together...

Yet I've been working with some interesting, challenging portraiture lately and I was conscious that it's a while since I put myself so clearly 'in the picture'. But here I am - in an image made by my co-inquirer Al during a lighting test.

Hehehe... and so I'm thinking it could be wise for me to slip back into the shadows in the future.... I'm starting to look a bit hi-mileage - or perhaps I should, at least, smarten up and stand a little closer to the razor before I set off in the morning....;-)

Steve MarshallComment