Others seen: a mirror vision of self?

Where will we find our visionaries?

When I saw this image of Paul in my viewfinder I thought that I had 'captured' him perfectly.  To me he looks thoughtful, sceptical and ready to challenge. In his response to the picture he used the phrase 'discernment'. I can see that too.

And so here's a thing...

As we consider our 'visions' of each other, how much are we framing the relationships we hold through our own 'lens' of seeing and discernment? How can we avoid simply 'seeing' ourselves in others? Paul is a photographer, educator, organisation consultant, motor-cycle rider and pilot. Each of those are boxes that I can 'tick' too.  I live in the country and so does he, rather more seriously, I think.

I reckon Paul is holding a vision for something different in the world - check out his new website here - I'd be surprised if I wasn't surprised by it over the coming months. 

But in terms of the photo-dialogue, who did I see in this picture?

As I checked my own sense of 'vision' and put the photograph in Paul's hand he looked confused - momentarily thinking I had given him a picture of his brother.    

Not so much a person 'captured; more a glimpse into a hall of mirrors? 


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