We do this to ourselves....

'Condensation' #150 of 300.  Kathy Skerritt.

'Condensation' #150 of 300.  Kathy Skerritt.


Kathy Skerritt's beautifully textured 'Condensation' artwork has been on the wall of my office for a while now.  

I've been working with Kathy as she undertakes her doctorate at Ashridge (she has appeared on LWOE before...) and have been privileged to learn of her incredible view of art, ecology, participation and consciousness.  Kathy lives and works on the shores of Lake Eerie and often claims that she is '70% lake water'! 

Over the years, it seems that we have not looked after the Lake so well and I see that, a few months ago, record levels of plastic were recorded in the water.  The plastic degrades into micro-particles and then begins to work it's way into the food chain.  The impact on human safety is, perhaps, predictable.

Last time we met, Kathy seemed tired and, on return to Cleveland, went for a check-up nd found that she had breast cancer. Following radical surgery she is now in recovery and, thankfully, doing well.  

ou will find Kathy on her 'Caring Bridge' site, Facebook and Google...

I'm proud to know Kathy. Check her out. She speaks for all of us and our relationship to our world.

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