Something Funny?


Another image from my Cordoba 'wonderings'... with the incredible 'K8' showing that the way to a photographer's heart is to find the perfect moment to blur through the image (again and again and.... I'm choosy about my blurs....:-)

I found this scene in the old Jewish quarter of Cordoba and was taken with the irony and humility of the writing; it's as though the grafitti artist just couldn't squeeze out anything more creative that day.  A grafitti artist's block, maybe...? 

And, maybe, as no-one seems to to be in a rush to remove it, perhaps there is some wider empathy to be found here....?

Yesterday, I found myself mentoring a young musician. We were talking about the discipline that creativity requires; that even on the bad days, you need to turn up and do the work - and sometimes the creative magic shows up too... Check out Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk from way back on LWOE.

The risk of a disciplined approach to creativity is that you might invest a lot of time before the magic shows up. 

But if you can be clear and authentic about telling that story then you might find you can still touch people.

Steve MarshallComment