We chose Liberty

There's been a Golden Retriever sized vacancy at LWOE HQ for the last few months and, though we have really missed Bracken the Wonder Dog, Liberty is doing her best to steal hearts and generally cause chaos.

It seems that there has been decent amount of Spring madness around in the vision and conversation business lately; the pace has been relentless and the workload staggering. It feels like moments of creativity have been few and far between. Still, to probably misquote Hugh MacLeod at Gapingvoid, "We work really hard doing things we love so that we don't have to work really hard doing things we hate."

But a moment with Liberty, playing in the last sunlight of a gorgeous Spring evening, prompts some reflection about the freedom and privilege of our lives.  Today's news programmes showed the fear and anxiety running through Malaysia following the disappearance of Flight MH370, the ongoing struggles in Ukraine, rocket attacks in Israel, an explosion which levelled buildings in East Harlem and so on...

A few moments in an English country garden, at home with a little Liberty, is indeed a luxury.


Steve MarshallComment