Resolution and revolution


Despite all the hype about our 'VUCA' world and the latest innovations being hailed as 'disruptive' or 'game changing', permanence and enduring pattern are still a feature of our lives.  

Which means that the role of the radical continues to be fraught with difficulty and stress.  

Powerful, established players seek to win through game changing advantage.

But not too much.

Too much change disturbs existing power structures and the interventionists eventually place themselves at risk.

Rather than playing the game to gain advantage and be the first to cross the finish line, we are more likely to achieve genuine revolution if we simply play for the sake of it.

So, whether you are aiming to shift the commercial world or planning your new life, play without aiming for resolution.

Resolve to play for the fun and laughter of being in the game.



'VUCA': a suddenly popular business acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous is a product of US military terminology during the cold war. 

Take a look at Tempered Radicalism and the Politics of Ambivalence and Change - a scholarly paper by Debra Meyerson and Maureen Scully





Steve MarshallComment