Visions of silence and solitude



Adobe’s visual trend analysis shows that we are increasingly seeking images of silence and solitude. 

A far cry perhaps from the striving, fiercely aspirational imagery that accompanies familiar business visions (mostly there is a line or arrow on a graph going upwards… and a handshake…).

According to Adobe, "We’re seeing a growing demand for images that convey comfort and regeneration; images that take us back to nature, that show that less is more. Viewers are responding to imagery that offers respite — these images operate like a breath of fresh air to the viewer. They present a break from a demanding and confusing time."

A break, also, from the paradox of an uncertain, unpredictable business environment where top executives are charged with deciding the vision for the organisation.  Leaders set a vision in generalised, simplified, often hopelessly grandiose, terms and everyone is expected to join them on 'the same page' regardless of the variety and complex nuances of our own visions.

Yet I've noticed that top executives rarely go on the leadership development programmes where 'managers' work on vision.  

I wonder what images of business success would look like if they did? 



Adobe on visual trends.


Steve MarshallComment