Life with #NoFilter

Sunset: Sony a6000

Sunset: Sony a6000

"By seeing differently, we do differently." (James Hillman)


Amazing sunset.. What do you think of my photo?

Not bad. But why monochrome? Especially when the blue sky is so beautifully intense and that deep orangey-redness smoulders on the horizon?  You've filtered all the life out of it...

But this is how it IS... The world IS grey... We are grey. It's how we are. This is what it is to live in the modern world; isolating, stressful, overloaded, overwhelmed, exhausted, unsupported. Just like that little tree. Jobs today are stressful, anxiety is a part of being at work, so we numb ourselves, and go through the motions of 'time management' and 'productivity hacks'. What's the point? We're deluded. It's all so empty, dull, grey.... 

Ah.... I see... Take a few steps this way.

Slow down.


Look from just over here...

And listen to this from Laura Sewall:

"Soften your eyes, let your attention be wide. Listen, and then soak in the colour, and feel texture with your eyes. Give attention to the golden glisten of pine needles in sunlight. Let your care roam over a landscape, flexible, both focused and soft. Let your practice be this simple and do it often, when you can."

You know, last night I dreamed I saw the world with no filters... there was colour...

Life with #NoFilter? 

Sounds like progress.



Laura Sewall's 'Sight and Sensibility' is a wonderful book if you feel you need to see the world differently. My quote is from p.119 - in the 'Mindful Eyes' chapter.

I'm loving the therapy of Dave Ulrich's Zen Camera '100 photographs a day' as an approach to refresh how we see the world.


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