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What democracy looks like...

I made this image a few days ago at the Occupy Wall Street demo in Zuccotti Park, NYC. I guess that the thermal blankets will have taken on a new significance over the last few days as the snow has fallen...

I was impressed by the demonstrators in the park. They took time to speak to passers-by and simply told their stories.  Mostly, the narratives were of confusion. They had bought into system that promised them everything and was delivering nothing. Their savings, education and place in society all lost. Later, as they marched down Fifth Avenue they chanted to the spectators: "This is what democracy looks like..."

Back in the UK, the dilemmas of peaceful protest have come to the fore as Occupy protestors at St Paul's Cathedral are about to face legal action if they refuse to move their campsite within 48 hours.  Three of the St Paul's clergy have resigned over the issue - the church is caught between the wish to support the poor and the closure of the building due to the protest.

Meanwhile, on a train journey across Scotland yesterday I was intrigued by a fascinating clash of symbols.

The Capitalist business suit and the Christian fish.  

Could this kind of reconciliation be a response to the problems at St Paul's Cathedral?

Can we really talk about love AND money?

Is this what it looks like? I'm not so sure...

Or is this a democratic response?

What are your thoughts?