Photo-Dialogue Video update....

I've got a couple of Photo-Dialogue video updates for you....
Fran Gardler has just put all of 'The Lesson' - a collection of videos featuring Dave Labelle out on Vimeo. This is great news as they are excellent source material for anyone wanting to understand Dave's dialogic style and to see his amazing photography.  
Here is one of my favourites (they are all superb):

Chapter 7: Dave LaBelle | The Great Picture Hunt from Francis Gardler on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, anyone trying to work like Dave in this country might have problems.... Over on Jezblog, top PJ Jez Coulson featured this video of Guardian journalist, Paul Lewis, photographing by 'the Gherkin' - an iconic London landmark snapped hundreds of times a day.

The UK police have a real problem with street photographers and the law is continually being misappropriated - the whole situation needs sorting out.  And as I will be in London this week doing a spot of street photography, I'd be grateful if it was done sooner rather than later....;-)


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