Glimpses - Welcome...

It's time for my blog and professional website to merge. My visual research is now at the stage where it is becoming my business and I need to take it out into the world in a more deliberate way.  So now you will find all the content, links, comment, analysis and inane rantings that used to be at 'Glimpses of the Essential' here at Photo-Dialogue.

So, here again, for perhaps the last time, is the picture from the banner of both 'Glimpses' and the old 'Reflexion Consulting' website which managed to get me into so much trouble:

'Love that picture of you and the kids...'

'It's not us - it's a Microsoft freebie.'

'Oh, I don't like it then.' 

And so the camera never lies but the way we make meaning of images might mean that we do it to ourselves...  Or perhaps we can use images to inspire our imagination and capability in the way that words can't?

So with that rather philosophical thought I am off to a PhD workshop where I will spend another couple of days continuing to figure out what we do with this stuff to change the world....!!!!! 

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