Quality in creativity

I'm a fan of cutting through anodyne business jargon. I've already whinged about 'going forward' and see that Hugh McLeod has taken on 'innovation.'  So, next time you're in a meeting and someone says that 'innovation is 'key'' or something equally tedious.... here's Hugh's excellent thoughts:

Here's some friendly advice for all you Innovation-buzzword fanboys: You don't get to be more innovative, until you make yourself more creative FIRST.

"Innovative" is an "external" word. It can be measured. It generally talks about things that have been tested properly and found to have worked in the real world.

"Creative", however, is more of an "internal" word. It's subjective, it's murkier. It's far harder to measure, it's far harder to define. It's an inward journey, not outward. Which is why a lot of people in business try to keep the word out of their official lexicon, preferring instead more neutral, more externally-focused language like "Value", "Excellence", "Quality" and yes, "Innovation".

Yeah, creativity; go first, lead the way, how difficult can it be?  You just press on while I devise a performance standard and set a KPI for it.....

Steve MarshallComment