Why dots...?

I really enjoy Jeff Monday's dots...

Compared to personal, improvised portraits, Jeff's representations of complexity through the medium of abstract dots is right at the other end of the representational spectrum.  My process is to disturb our images of self, Jeff's is to remove identity altogether and replace it with a grey dot.  Both might give us new clues about our identity and potential:

In the video Jeff says:

"Yet if we move to a representation of dots, it becomes almost impossible to form any prejudices against the dots; you can only judge that they are round and grey and that there are some dots lower in the organization than others. This is what explains why dots are the perfect way to model complex problems, ideas, and solutions. Because if you can't judge the dot as something that is different from you, it makes it that much easier for you to see yourself, your boss, your employee, your car, your autocompany, your president, your family, your organization, your country in the same situation as the dot or dots..."

It's an excellent way of finding another thread through our experiences.