Visualizing dots...

Never one to be slow off the mark, I thought I would give Jeff Moday's dots a try-out.  Last week I asked a group to visually depict the story of their organisation using a variety of visual media before joining together in inquiry conversations.  I've edited these images to ensure confidentiality but you will get the idea:

One group curated a collaged image:

This shows the top right hand corner of their collage.  The big questions to be raised here were, "So why do we put images of the past at the centre of our organisation?" and "What effect do we think this has and how will we need to change in the next few years...?"  

We used Jeff's dots to get an idea of what sort of structure might be appropriate for the future.  (Sorry Jeff, I know that I'm s'posed to use grey dots but couldn't find any and the pink ones worked just fine!)

So, what was going on with this dandelion shape?  

A strong linkage (stem) to a key partner was essential. The seed heads were new, growing business units which might detach from the centre and, in the context of the blustery economic winds that are blowing through businesses at the moment, a conversation about what would happen if a storm blew was duly noted!

The dots seemed to help; participants learned things about the linkages in their organisation, began to understand more of how they might collaborate and developed a greater sense of belonging.

So, now I'm left wondering if 'pink' makes a difference?