Facing the World

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of Martin Kelly, the brilliant plastic surgeon who co-founded Facing The World, a charity treating children from poor countries with severe facial deformity.

I thought long and hard hard about including this Facing the World video; it's difficult to watch, tough, emotional... I wondered if it was 'on the thread' of this blog - but these surgeons are doing amazing work and deserve support.

I spend a lot of my time with clients inquiring into the images that we hold of each other and the potential of the relationships that these images evoke. I have learned that the way we are in the world, the way we are seen and see ourselves, is critical to who we are and what potential we might explore as we go about our daily lives.

Many assumptions form according to how we are seen, recognised, and acknowledged and this is vital to us as leaders or simply to have any impact at all on fellow human beings.

And yet there is much more to us than simply what we look like. This video helps us to remember that.

Also, as the video cuts to a black screen the message, "You have the power to make a difference" is very clearly stated.

We each have that choice.

Ps. So don't forget to donate a few ££££ or $$$$ or....