Fish and Ships

I had a fascinating call with Alistair Moffat of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) last week when we discussed some of the visual imagery that came into play during the recent NSN merger.

Alistair had been working with Ashridge consultant Adrian McLean on the formation of NSN. They used an inquiry method based on storytelling,metaphor and dialogue which resulted in two vivid images expressing the cultural legacy of each organisation.

The tightly controlled Siemens 'ship' and the fluid Nokia 'shoal' tell the story of each organisation brilliantly:

Using these graphics as a stimulus for debate and story-telling, members of the newly appointed executive group were invited to talkabout their cultures and consider together the features they wanted to reduce, amplify and bring in to the new business.  Read more of the story here in an extract from 'Converse', the Ashridge Magazine.

Btw... slight format changes have been taking place at Photo-Dialogue.  The separate 'Reflexion Consulting' site is back and details of the business proposition behind this blog will slowly migrate over there.  Meanwhile, Photo-Dialogue will continue to concentrate on the stories behind visual leadership and creative change.  Hope you enjoy them!