New Eyes...

Thanks to Lynda, who you might have seen commenting on Jez Coulson's self-portrait here, for sending me this photograph of a sign taken during her recent trip into Shenandoa National Park:

I've been on vacation myself, mostly sitting on top of a Cornish cliff-top but, each day at dawn or sunset (on the days it wasn't raining cats & dogs ;-) I would trip down to a little cove a few yards from our holiday home.  

I wanted to capture a sense of the beautiful 'edges' between the rock and sea. Every day, with different light and the tide gently shifting, the place would look different. It felt like all I had to do was keep looking...

Here is one of my current faves:

There's more where that came from and I might indulge myself again on Photo-Dialogue as I figure out what to do with them.  For the meanwhile, I'd just like to go back there see it again with 'new eyes...'

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