Consultant, heal thyself!

It feels like Photo-Dialogue is coming of age (or, perhaps, I am.. :) and I've been exploring ways to bring more of this work into the visual thinking world. So far there has been some fascinating discussions with a group of enormously talented individuals with the prospect of setting up a new business together.

The conversations have been tough. Personal and financial risk are bubbling below the surface and the implications of signing on the bottom-line are definitely increasing the temperature...

As a first step towards understanding how it would 'look and feel' to work together I have been building a website for the group.  I used this image as a background for the homepage:

So, in self-facilitation mode; what does this choice tell me?

My first reflection is the iStock title, "Abstruse Grunge"!

I guess that's the reality of where we are at the moment - groups join together with great hope and ambitions and then the world bites - and so we have difficulty and discord - though still holding a great sense of potential. It takes me back to Eric Lewis and his version of Evanescence's "Going Under.' Eric crashes and jangles themes together before the melody finally glitters through...

Perhaps the jangliness is too much (and I don't mind a bit of rough and tumble - hey, I even like Eric Lewis and Evanescence!). So, I've toned down and darkened this image on the website - but have still kept the areas of light - a hope that this is what we will move towards?